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Friday, August 24, 2007

Ezine Blog Hands Out PR5 BackLInks

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I can't say enough about this offer and urge you to recognize the value of it.

Enter The Best Contest I Could Find For You Today

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Man Get's Tied To A Tree For Peeping

In PORTLAND, Oregon -- A group of campers tied a peeping Tom to a tree, keeping him tied up until police could arrived. Goog Fuck him I saw the tape and it searves him right..Man he must of been crapping him self by the time police got to him.

Richard H. Berkey, 63, was charged with private indecency, a misdemeanor, by sheriff's deputies who were called to the Big Fan Campground near Bagby Hot Springs last weekend, according to Clackamas County Detective Jim Strovink.

Campers told deputies they recognized Berkey from a similar incident at the campground last year and wanted to make sure he did not get away.

The 2006 incident was reported to police but did not result in charges.

"Last year, we took down his license plate number and turned it in to the sheriff, but there wasn't a lot they could do really," said Jason Dugan, one of the campers. "This year, that wasn't happening." You Go Girl.

Berkey is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 18.

Free Review On A PR4 Site

More about raising your pagerank are you aware of BlogCurry.com, you’ll see that they are a PR 4.And with there sight's set on raising that to the next leval, So what's that got to do with you and your blog? There offering a chance to


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The Truth Be Told About PageRank

Today while checking my Bacn, yes I really do use it daily..keeping up with it can be tricky but it gives me great content. And look at what I found today a website that has the coolest idea I've seen in a while you add your URL to the group of others that is updated daily and it gives you tons of backlinks and increases your PageRank in the process..I am all for it and Im headed back to read some of the great post's on detiksmart.com/, Discover the ways to increse your readers and grow your Pagerank, man I love this country..jill...Vote For Bacn

Is stealing wireless wrong and should we even care if it is?

A man has been arrested after being spotted allegedly sitting in a street with a laptop using someone else's unsecured wireless connection. Is it immoral to do this?
Allright now here's the thing. You're walking down the street in Hypotheticalville and in front of you is a gentleman who, when he walks, spills seemingly endless torrents of golden coins on to the pavement behind him.Hey just follow along bonehead...He seems unconcerned by this and you notice that if not picked up, these magic coins quickly evaporate. Is it moral for you to pick a few up? Following me yet?

All right now back in the real world this debate is being played out. The man arrested in a street in west London is at least the third person to be accused of breaching the law by taking internet service without permission.

The Communications Act 2003 says a "person who (a) dishonestly obtains an electronic communications service, and (b) does so with intent to avoid payment of a charge applicable to the provision of that service, is guilty of an offence".

It is a bit like reading your book from the light coming out from someone's window
There are also suggestions using somebody else's wireless could come under the Computer Misuse Act, usually used to combat hacking and electronic fraud. Getting serious now huy? But if it can be interpreted as illegal, can it be truly said to be immoral? I wana hear what you think on this.

Heavy downloading might affect the unsecured person's speed of access or download limit, but a use like checking an e-mail is hardly likely to be noticed. Most "victims" will suffer no loss. So what's the harm. Well shit, why should I pay for your fucking computer use. Or why not who has time to care about such trivial bullshit?

"If you steal a silver Mont Blanc pen it's theft but if it's an ordinary ballpoint pen or a pencil it is assumed you can take it. HHHHmmmm..good point.

"In the olden days people had norms about whether you were able to pick apples from someone else's tree. Perhaps it's OK if the branches hang over the road, but not from inside their garden. Just something to think about." If you enjoyed this article please stumble, fave, or leave a comment. Vote For Bacn

A website that started broadcasting 24/7 live video from a head mounted camera

justin.tv Widget Publisher's Description:
justin.tv is a website that started broadcasting 24/7 live video from a head mounted camera, mounted to the head of Justin Kan,.Justin.tv is an internet phenomenon that is attracting lots of viewers and fans. For those who can’t get enough justin.tv, they even created an Apple Dashboard Widget.You can't say I don't bring you some stupid shit, but people eat it up..just like turkey bacn.

The justin.tv Dashboard Widget embeds the flash video player right in dashboard for quick viewing. By default, the video pauses when Dashboard is hidden, but by selecting the appropriate checkbox on the back, the video can be configured to more...play even when hidden, so the audio can be constantly heard.

Celeberty Fantasy Leagues Are Makn Bacn

Fafarazzi,has a “fantasy celebrity league” where you form teams and earn points based on how much shit your chosen celebrities are creating in the blogosphere. Fafarazzi sucks in posts from around 15 of the top gossip blogs, then assigns points to the celebrities mentioned. You start by joining a league - then you just draft your favorite celebrities and start scoring points. When the “season” ends, the points are totalled up and a winning team is declared. The site was created by two developers: Chris Keller and Todd Galloway. They plan to make money from ads and by charging a small fee for establishing private leagues. Prety smart ehy?

Technically, it’s not all that impressive. In fact, it’s clunky. The Feedburner feeds still display the ads and FeedFlare units, and the interface takes a lot of getting used to - in many ways, it’s just a spruced-up blogging template. What’s more, it takes some digging to figure out how the teams, leagues and seasons work. In their favor, celebrities do have mainstream appeal - see Fanpop, Teamsugar and Kevo for more celeb-based social networks.

Mashable.com say's they’re also trying out some MySpace marketing and providing widgets to add to MySpace, Friendster, Blogger, Windows Live Spaces, Xanga and other popular platforms. The widgets include a “Celebrity Scoring Ticker” and a scoreboard for your team. If they could encourage one of the major celeb blogs to display a widget, they might be able to refer some dedicated users.

While I like the idea of social networking and who doesn't like celebrities, I’m not totally sold on Fafarazzi . Nonetheless, It's worthy of makin Bacn..If you like this article Vote For Bacn

I Want My MTV Widget

Why not a little digital TV in the form of a Dashboard Widget.
It doesn’t take much effort to find a closet full of Widgets that do TV. But not television you can sit down and watch. Television schedules, which, by the way, are available in a gazillion ways.

Newly promoted by Apple’s online Widget machine is TV Forecast which, if you look for the secret message embedded into the name of the Widget, delivers TV show schedules to your Mac.I did this article for all you Mac Atack's

I know how it is. You’re all queazy inside; either from delight at having such trivial knowledge, or from frustration and want to know who to throw something at.

Widgets have uses. We’ve had Widgets for a couple of years and I still check stocks, look at weather forecasts, and, um, uh… I’m sure something else. It’ll come to me later. Shit I love my widgets..just don't love losing my reader to them.

A quick search of the Movies & TV section of Dashboard Widgets on Apple’s site reveals more of what you expect, but less of what you want. There’s Dave’s Cool TV Show Widget.

Widgets are graphical and visutal by nature, and Dave doesn’t disappoint us with a Widget that looks just like TV set-- from the Jetsons, Before my time but im not that stupid I have heard of them.

What I really want is a Widget that plays MTV. It’s my generation. True, MTV pretty much sucks these days, but it’s that or TV Land’s Green Acres re-runs?

I always thought Eva Gabor was prettier than her sister, Zsa Zsa, who, as it turns out, is still alive and married to the guy who claims to be the father of Anna Nicole’s baby. See what you can learn on TV? How much more could I learn with a Widget that does MTV?

Widget Television VF3 comes close with different channels including music, news, government, sports, and so on. Monk? Nope. No TBS for you.

There are quote generator Widgets from famous, various, and sundry TV shows such as Futurama and The Simplsons. There are TV show schedules, movie schedules, and the Top 10 Lists Widget from The Late Show With David Letterman. But no MTV.

The Daily Show with Jon Steward has flash movies of interviews, daily fake news, and reports from various fake reporters, but I still can’t watch CNN, MSNBC, TBS, or Fox in a Widget.

The problem would appear to be Economics 101. That means there’s no money in Widgets, and if there’s no money trail, then there’s likely not going to be any free TV in Widgets any time soon, and that’s disappointing.But it seems to me that some one would just stick comercials on them too and offer us one for say,.. FREE!!

Yes, you could fork over a few hundred dollars for Elgato’s EyeTV and plug it into my Mac. That’s decent TV that acts like a decent, albeit ungawdly expensive, DVR. But still no Widget.

Maybe the problem is in the Widgets themselves. TV watching is not an active sport, but it requires time, both to surf through many channels, and to actually view something.

Widgets, on the other hand, are quick little tools that get something done, or show you something you need. You’re in, you’re out, you’re done.

What’s wrong with popping up a Widget that’s playing a music video, or showing off some grilled smile’s latest crib toys? I want my MTV in a Widget, not just another list of schedules, of which I have half a dozen already.

So, do you want TV on your Mac? How? What form should TV take in the digital age to make you happy? Share your frustration, outrage, and dreams in the Comments section below. Or use my message board,and Vote For Bacn if you like this article.

Do you still want more daily shit of a non-Mac nature? Check out RonMcElfresh.com. It's merely a single click to well spelled literary nonsense. Oh, and it's served from the Mac mini on Ron's desk.

"When is smoking allowed for "artistic integrity"?

What happens when performers breach the smoking ban?
Before they took to the stage for their first song in London since the smoking ban was introduced, long-time smokers Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood were warned that they could be fined $50 for lighting up on stage. Like that would stop them $50, why even bother. So what happened? The guitarists lit up.

Smoking may be allowed for 'artistic integrity' - but not in Scotland
Otherwise they - or the venue - can be fined
But Greenwich council will take no action, satisfied that it was a one-off - and their cigarettes were "extinguished almost faster than the message to put it out got to stage," an official said.

A cigarette has been a Stones' prop for years, they aren't covered by new laws that allow smoking on stage "where the artistic integrity of a performance makes it appropriate for a person to smoke".

Pete Doherty at T in the Park - it's outdoors, so the ban doesn't apply
This exception applies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland but not in Scotland, where a tribute show to Bill Hicks, the chain-smoking comic who died of cancer, has been forced to ditch the cigarettes for its Edinburgh Fringe run. Instead the actor playing Hicks jokes about the ban. But when Bill Hicks: Slight Return starts its West End run next month, producer James Seabright hopes that smoking will be allowed.

"In England it's up to the local council to decide whether smoking is allowed. It's a bit of a backward step in terms of artistic freedom but at least it's not a blanket ban like in Scotland. Wow I thought we were tough here in the states.

Officials suggest using fake Cigs instead.

"It is particularly difficult to present some plays set in a 'gritty' social world without people smoking," Holloway says.

So when is smoking allowed for "artistic integrity"? It is at the local council's discretion. Actors light up in Hampstead Theatre's In The Club, a political sex farce set against the backdrop of Turkey joining the EU, and in Forgotten Voices at Riverside Studio, a play set in the 1970s "when everyone smoked," says Ms Chantal.

But the Haymarket, in the West End, has forced a rewrite of a crucial scene in The Last Confession, starring David Suchet, to prevent his co-star lighting up. Look light uppay the fine and start acting like the fucking rock stars you are.You think OZZY gives a shit about the no smoking signs when he's on stage.

Lindsy Lohan News--(Again)

Actress Lindsay Lohan is sentenced to 24 hours in jail after pleading guilty to drink driving and drug charges. Fuckin Bitch..anyone else that pulled her shit would get 2yrs.AAAAAARRRRRRRHHHHHHH,Im so jealous...?

Take Time To Hug Your Child

Detectives investigating the murder of 11-year-old Rhys Jones believe his killer could be as young as 13.
Rhys was walking home after playing football when he was shot by a youth on a black BMX bicycle at a pub car park in Croxteth, Liverpool.

The youth is said to be white, aged 13 to 15, about 5ft 8in tall and wearing dark clothes and white trainers.

Rhys's mother Melanie cradled her son as paramedics battled for 90 minutes to save his life.Two local boys, aged 14 and 18, who were arrested on suspicion of murder were released on Thursday night. Merseyside Police are continuing to appeal for the community's help in catching the killer. Officers have been handing out leaflets in the area with a special number for young people to text information anonymously.

He was a very bright and sensible lad Melanie Jones, It's sad story's like this that should make you hug your kid.

I Was Goimg Through My Junk Draw And I Found This Headline And Article From 2004

E-mails coming out of your ears? No time to stop and read your favourite websites? Is the luxury of being able to "surf the web" just a distant memory?
An old idea, which could have ended up on the dot.com rubbish tip, might be just what is needed to help solve your problems. WoW how far we've come This article made national news on this day in 2004.

Most people have never heard of this idea, let alone seen what it can do. But legions of techies, bloggers and website developers tend to get very excited about it, believing that it's the best way to keep in touch with the web. Some believe it could even spell doom for spam. 3 YRS later I have a site called Vote For Bacn,And spam still exisits and RSS still hasn't stopped us bloggers.

The idea - let's call it RSS - comes from a bit of work done in the 1990s at Netscape and elsewhere. The point of it was that key bits of websites, such as headlines, could be sent out in a bare form, stripped of all fancy graphics and layouts. These could then be incorporated easily into other websites.

So what is it about this idea which gets people so excited?

The most compelling use of RSS is that it lets users read dozens of websites, all on the same page. The sites can be scanned in seconds rather than having to be laboriously loaded individually.

How one RSS reader looks just look at my site I use them and love them. To bad they havent made them to keep the reader on your own site rather than send them ro anothers.

Many sites and most weblogs now provide a feed of their content in RSS format. More are likely to join them as the audience grows. Remember this was 2004 and we've come a long way baby.

A program (usually called a reader) collects a number of different sites' feeds chosen by the user, and displays them in much the same way as an e-mail inbox.
Well you know the rest. Find this article intresting vote for bacn

Bill Murry Gets DUI In A Golf Cart

Actor Bill Murray has been tested for drink-driving after being stopped in a golf buggy he was riding through Stockholm's city centre, police said.
Murray was given a blood test for alcohol after he refused to take a breath test, police commander Jan-Olov Lundgren told Reuters news agency.

The actor, 56, was taken to Norrmalm police station in Stockholm.

Mr Murray's agent could not be reached but Mr Lundgren said the star signed a document admitting he had had alcohol.

Test results won't be back for 14 days. No shit Bill Murry Drinks who would of thunk it!

"He said in the United States you don't have to do it (take a breath test)," Mr Lundgren said.Bill stop your lieing we can't even ride bikes drunk here..your such a fuckin liar. Oh sorry were was I ?

'No obvious signs'

"He was very calm and friendly. No problem at all," he added.

Mr Lundgren said Mr Murray was stopped while driving the golf cart from Cafe Opera, a Stockholm restaurant, to his hotel.

Detective Inspector Christer Holmlund said Mr Murray had agreed to let a police officer plead guilty for him if the case went to court.

He said the actor would only be charged if tests show his blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit.

A very high alcohol level could lead to a prison sentence but Mr Holmlund said a fine would be more likely. Come on man why even mention doing time he's Bill "Fuckin" Murry King Of UUUMMMMMMMM???

Vote For KiwiPulse

Looking through my bacn I found a great new site..well new to me,not only is she a talented writer she is so beutifull,is that wierd for another girl to say, anyway
nothings sacred she covers it all and she get's my vote http://www.kiwipulse.com/

Bacn Is Clogging Up The Internet

Bacn Get's National Attention News Sites all across america are reporting on bacn her's just some of what they have to say.Spam has long been regarded as the primary enemy of e-mail users — but now a new type of meaty menace is clogging up inboxes everywhere.

"Bacn" describes the myriad email alerts that users of social networking websites and other Web 2.0 technologies receive every day.

It is not junk email — bacn includes such items as Facebook notifications, email newsletters, and electronic bill receipts, which are increasingly common as the internet becomes more integrated in people's lives.

And if the internet community's overwelming embrace of the term is anything to go by, "I'm reading my bacn" could soon become a very popular office catchphrase.

Reports say bacn was only coined on Sunday, at net culture conference PodCamp Pittsburgh 2. Since then it has spread across blogs at a sizzling rate.

Blog tracking site Technorati now rates bacn as a top search term and has recorded 426 blog references to the term in just four days.

Major technology websites, including Wired and CNET, and respected US broadsheet The Washington Post have flagged bacn's unusual and rapid rise.

Bloggers say it's "e-mail you want, but just not now" and "things you signed up for, but that still feel like clutter in your inbox".

And this may jusr be the start of the meat-related terms from PodCamp — CNET reports that other terms raised at the conference included "steak" (the email you do want) and FakinBacn (spam posing as bacn).You got your next niche so vote for bacn dude!!
This article comes from news.ninemsn.com.

Facn Bacn And Why You Need To Read This

Do you get facn bacn? What is facn bacn..well have you gotten an e-mail that says you have recived an e-card from a classmate..if so don't open it that's facn bacn and it's a virus. I will be bringin you all the facn bacn updates I can find so join my Technorati Favorites and Vote For Bacn.
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